Charlie    Great new breeder at Bareskin!   He has now fathers several awesome new litters.  Watch for more excitement from him in the coming months.     

DAISY      This sweet girl has given us a couple litters now with awesome colorful babies. She has a lot of background from mom, dad and even grandma and grandpa as she comes up with surprising colors ever time she brings new babies.       


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CHRISSY Christmas Carol (Chrissy was born on Christmas Eve),  she  is a fun loving, playful, get into trouble kind of a girl. She has already figured out how to tip the toy basket so she can get what she wants. That also goes for her great big beautiful eyes daring me to say no!

‚ÄčCALYPSO  She loves to play and get into trouble.     Keep a watch for some awesome babies from this beautiful black girl in the future.  She is a new on the block so we are excited to see the beauties she will bring us.   

PATCHES  She has given us several litters of tremendous kitties and is very playful. She is a doting mother to her kittens. She has been so loving and terrific it is hard to describe.   !

AMELIA BEDELIA Amelia is an experienced breeder and an excellent mother.

ONYX  She is the daughter from our retired and outstanding Pearly Girl.  Like her mother she loves being around humans and is always ready for love and attention! 

AUSTIN BIGGELSWORTH Austin is the great grandson of Mr.Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers movies. Austin's mother was odd-eyed and his father was blue eyed. His father was Movieland Point Floyd of Hairfree