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Adorable Sphynx Kittens Coming Soon!

All kittens born and bred in Colorado and South Dakota!


Our latest litters are already SOLD.  We will have more kittens available this spring.  Check back for expected due dates of our pregnant mommies. 

Check out our Kittens Page for more details.

P.S. Call Jackie!  605-769-0310

Enjoy our adorable kittens

AAA Diamond Sphynx...A cattery that is all about the Sphynx!

About AAA Diamond Sphynx Cattery

Hello! Welcome to my Sphynx Cattery I hope you enjoy visiting my beautiful hairless cats. I would like to give you some background on how I became interested in the Sphynx breed and being a Sphynx breeder. My 10-year-old daughter sparked my interest for these wonderful hairless cats -- we are both HUGE animal lovers. My daughter's domestic cat died and she expressed an interest in owning a full breed cat. I encouraged her to research the different breeds to find one that she was interested in. Lovable was our most important quality. She was enchanted by the very first glimpse of these hairless cats. I myself was not so sure what I thought at first--hairless cats?? According to her research the Sphynx had all the qualities we wanted in a cat, and more.  We went to a local cat show and were able to see and feel a Sphynx for the very first time. I was immediately taken, and we purchased our first Sphynx, Little Diamond. It wasn't until she was a part of our family that I truly understood what people meant by, "they could never have any other cat but a Sphynx." I can't even put into words how spectacular the Sphynx breed is.

Most cats are very independent and are quite happy to do their own thing. The Sphynx, however, wants to do whatever you are doing. Sphynx are by far a wonderful companion cat. Wherever you are, they want to be right there with you. They are so soft, warm, lovable, attentive, affectionate, playful, funny...the adjectives could go on forever. If you are looking for an independent cat this is not the breed for you. They require, and their antics will demand, your attention too.

I am owned by 5 wonderful Sphynx, one very handsome Sphynx male, and four gorgeous Sphynx females. My Sphynx are part of our family and our everyday lives. They sleep in our beds, watch TV with us, and are NEVER caged or put in separate rooms. Whom ever you chose to purchase a kitten from, make sure you ask if their Sphynx are caged or if they are confined to a room. You want your kitten to be lovable and socialized. I am a Sphynx breeder interested not only in producing beautiful Sphynx kittens but well adjusted ones too. My Sphynx cattery is filled with love and very bald and beautiful Sphynx.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have concerning the Sphynx breed. Please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for visiting my Sphynx site, home to my bare naked angels.


  Jackie Hansen
Gettysburg, SD  or

Judy Wager
Denver, CO


Although we ship our Sphynx cats anywhere in the country, we primarily provide cats to Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Iowa, and New Mexico.

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sphynx kittens

Sphynx cat

sphynx kittens

Sphynx cats - Max

sphynx kittens

Sphynx cats - Little Diamond

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Sphynx cats - Topaz

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sphynx kittens

Sphynx cats - Max

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Hairless cats - Topaz

hairless kittens

Hairless cats - Max

hairless kittens

hairless cats - Max

hairless cats

Hairless cats - Topaz


Hairless cats - Topaz

sphynx kittens

Hairless cats - Max

Hairless cats

Hairless cats

sphynx kittens

Beautiful and very bald
sphynx cats and sphynx