Purchasing a AAA Diamond Sphynx Kitten

Purchasing a AAA Diamond Sphynx kitten is on a first reserved basis only, secured with a deposit, and applicant approval. Deposits are non-refundable.

Prices for Sphynx kittens vary depending on the type of sale: breeder, show, or pet, however, all of my Sphynx kittens are of excellent quality--pet quality does not mean less quality. Sphynx kittens sold as pets will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving the cattery.

Each Sphynx kitten/cat comes with a health guarantee and sale contract to protect the Sphynx kitten/cat, Sphynx buyer, and Sphynx breeder. If you would like to see a sample contract or guarantee please contact me via email and I will forward it to you. aaa@aaadiamondsphynx.com

Some things to consider before you purchase a cat/kitten from any breeder.

•   Buy from a breeder that offers a contract and health guarantee, this will protect the buyer as well as the seller.

•   Do not buy from any breeder that refuses access to their home/cattery. A reputable breeder welcomes buyers to visit their cattery.

•   Do not buy or deal with any breeder that sells pregnant cats. Adjusting a pregnant cat's environment can cause a lot of stress on the female-- ethical breeders would not allow such a transaction.

•   We have learned this from personal experience...DO NOT BE COMPULSIVE ABOUTBUYING...this is one of the quickest ways for a buyer to get into trouble. If you really want a high-quality Sphynx kitten from a respected and ethical breeder you should be willing to WAIT for what you want. Buying compulsively may land you a sick kitten, heartache in addition to huge vet bills, which far exceed the price or the wait.

•   Be sure that the kitten you choose has not been caged or confined for a long periods of time. Kittens and cats that are isolated can have socialization problems and even with a lot of love and care, some may never develop good relationships.

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